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Growth, Resilience, Empathy, Acceptance, Teamwork

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Our staff

Get to know our school staff. We're all here to help.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Our staff

We are very fortunate to have wonderful staff, all committed to the betterment of students' life skills, vocational opportunities, and academic pathways. Our school enables a range of professional learning opportunities for our staff due to our diverse educational program. 

The town of Young is a thriving community catering to a broad range of personal interests. The combination of personal and professional opportunities, as well as the town's proximity to Canberra, makes Young an ideal consideration for relocation.

Executive team


  • Ms Anna Barker

Deputy Principals

  • Mrs Lyn Schiller (Relieving)
  • Mrs Angela Trinder

Head Teacher Administration

  • Mr Colin MacIver 

Administration team

School Administration Manager

  • Mrs Jane Armstrong (SAM)

School Administrative Officers

  • Mrs Angela Agnew (Aboriginal Education)
  • Mrs Enid Clarke (Aboriginal Education)
  • Mrs Fiona Crichton
  • Mrs Jeanette Spargo
  • Ms Sarah Smithers
  • Mrs Sharon Staff
  • M/s Julie White
  • Mrs Gemma Osmond
  • Mr Pierre Geromboux
  • Ms Shelby Inwood
  • Mr Graeme Morgan
  • Mr Brad Mieni
  • Mr Jaleel Albaf
  • Ms Amy Sheather
  • Mrs Cathryn Parker
  • Mrs Debbie Minehan
  • Ms Emma Davis
  • Ms Indiana Kowald
  • Mr Marco Manea
  • Mr Nathan Miller
  • Ms Karen Ower
  • Mr Caleb Tonpi
  • Mrs Maria Crisp
  • Ms Reanna Smith
  • Mrs Cindy James
  • Mrs Kendall Murphy
  • Mrs Melissa Banwell

  • Mr Michael Frost
  • Mrs Jennifer Platt
  • Mrs Cathy Harrison
  • Ms Angela Noon
  • Mrs Felicity Lamb
  • Ms Stacey Barker
  • Mrs Fiona Dunn
  • Miss Gina Smithers
  • Mrs Tania Noyes
  • Mr Marco Manea
  • Mrs Zeina Roumieh

Teaching faculty 


  • Ms Nathalie Markham (Relieving Head Teacher)
  • Ms Amanda Cooke 
  • Miss Nicole Thompson
  • Mr Khaled Albaf ( Year 7 Advisor)
  • Mr Mitchell Flyght
  • Miss Caroline Fathers


  • Mr Matthew Lovasz (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs Joanne Owers
  • Mr Haroon Mohammad
  • Mr Firas Adra


  • Ms Michelle Rathjen (Head Teacher)
  • Mr Ben McGrath
  • Ms April Geromboux (Year 12 Advisor)
  • Mr Ross Laker
  • Mr Tim Minehan
  • Miss Erin Rae
  • Mr James Cronin

Social Science

  • Mr Ben Cooper (Relieving Head Teacher_
  • Mr Craig Watson
  • Mr Jonathon Watson

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

  • Ms Paula Danckert (Head Teacher and Girls Advisor)
  • Miss Alexcen Berry (Year 11 Advisor)

Stage 4 Connected Curriculum

  • Ms Nicole Allen (Head Teacher)
  • Ms Victoria Greenaway
  • Ms Lisa Wells (Year 9 Advisor)
  • Ms Phoebe Arthur (Year 8 Advisor)
  • Mr Joel Beckett
  • Mrs Emma Cockburn
  • Mrs Carol MacIver

Industrial Arts

  • Mr Steven Brown (Head Teacher)
  • Mr Brendan Shephard
  • Mr Rob Daniels (Year 10 Advisor)
  • Max Hofman

Home Economics

  • Mr Steven Brown (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs Tina Brown
  • Mr Colin MacIver 

Creative Arts

  • Ms Paula Danckert (Head Teacher)
  • Ms Amanda Hughes

Creative Arts (Music)

  • Mr Ben Cooper (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs Nyree Job
  • Miss Jordan Eyb


  • Mr Ben Cooper (Head Teacher)
  • Ms Catherine Roppa


  • Mr Colin MacIver


  • Mrs Elizabeth Myburgh
  • Mariet Hanekom

Support team

Learning and Support Team

  • Ms Bethany Parr (Head Teacher)
  • Ms Lisa Wells
  • Ms Lyndall Ryan

Support Staff

  • Ms Bethany Parr (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs Lisa Fleming
  • Miss Abby Slater (Year 9 Advisor & Sports Coordinator)
  • Ms Kaisee O'Keeffe
  • Maica Maudsley
  • Mrs Leanne Novak
  • Mr Geoff Parlett

Care Connect Team

Student Supprt Officer

  • Ms Jodie Craig

Wellbeing and Health In Reach Nurse

  • Mr Brendon Scifleet

School Psychologist

  • Mrs Dianne Watt

Supervised Professional Experience (SPE)

  • Mr Aaron Johnston

Maintenance Grounds and Canteen


  • Mrs Sue Frost
  • Mrs Robyn Miller
  • Ms Karen Lemon

Farm Assistant

  • Mr Glen Jasprizza


  • Mr Peter McMillan
  • Mr James Wells